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Program targets reductions in Respiratory Compromise events with MicrostreamTM Capnography

The Problem

Respiratory Compromise is COMMON

Cases of Respiratory Compromise are expected to increase 31% by 2019.2 And 11.6% of adult elective surgery patients will suffer from Respiratory Compromise.1

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The Impact

Respiratory Compromise is COSTLY

The cost of inpatient stays related to Respiratory Compromise estimated to be 37 Billion + by 2019.1

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The Impact

Respiratory Compromise is DEADLY

Patients with Respiratory Compromise who originated on the General Care Floor are 29x more likely to die.2

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The Solution

Facilities participating in Option 1 of the Outcomes Pledge Program, will implement a capnography protocol, satisfy enhanced training requirements, and collaborate with Medtronic to target a 20% reduction in events related to respiratory compromise on the GCF:
  • Sample annual capnography cost for mid-sized hospital (100-300 beds): $50,000*

  • Average savings in published studies >$1,000,000

  • Clinical Value: potentially saving lives

Patient Stories

July 2010

  • Thursday, July 15th

    Admitted to hospital for severe sore throat. Treatment with oral analgesics was not relieving pain

  • Friday, July 16th

    Put on a PCA pump with opioids, monitored intermittently by spotcheck oximetry and vitals.

  • Saturday, July 17th

    Amanda was found unresponsive and resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful


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Operating Room

INVOSTM Cerebral/Somatic Oximetry

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Intensive Care Unit

Puritan BennettTM Ventilation

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1. Agarwal, SJ, Erslon, MG, Bloom, JD. Projected incidence and cost of respiratory failure, insufficiency and arrest in Medicare population, 2019. Abstract presented at Academy Health Congress, June 2011.

2. Linde-Zwirble WL, Bloom JD, Mecca RS, Hansell DM. Postoperative pulmonary complications in adult elective surgery patients in the US: severity, outcomes and resources use. Critical Care. March

‡ Adult patients receiving sedatives and/or opiods/PCA on the General Care Floornostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nam vitae placerat ante. Cras ac mauris vel neque interdum ultricies.