capnography monitoring

early insight
helps improve intervention

Capnostream™ 35 Portable Respiratory Monitor

Capnostream™ 35 Portable Respiratory Monitor

Capnography monitoring offers early insights on respiratory status to help you determine the most appropriate intervention. The Capnostream™ 35 portable respiratory monitor combines Microstream™ capnography and Nellcor™ pulse oximetry technologies and is built to be at its best when things are at their worst.

Rugged design and shockproof to 1.25 meters, it can be used with intubated and non-intubated patients, from neonate to adult. It offers performance you can count on when certainty matters most.

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Normal and Abnormal etCO2 Waveforms Poster

Access a quick reference tool.

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Take the Capnoquiz

Test your knowledge on capnography monitoring.

Take the interactive CapnoQuiz and assess your knowledge of the different capnography waveforms.

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Airway Management and Monitoring White Paper

Learn why capnography makes a difference.

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